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  1. New The musical comedy Improv. (And I’m in it.)

    April 1, 2014 AprilinParis

  2. NEW! improv show with live drawing at Pavillons sur Bois.

    March 30, 2014 AprilinParis

    Before the show started I drew the audience as they settled in. My drawing was projected on a screen right in front of them. The mother and child (in center) stood perfectly still. When they realized I was drawing them they spontaneously hugged each other. Their sweet hug made my little heart skip a beat. Before the show started, I drew the audience. It was projected onto a screen before them.

    (At this theatre, the stage screen was rounded like a sail for acoustic reasons. It was an enormous challenge and it took determined tweeking to get it just right. I built a skewed black frame to hide the distortions– miraculously, it appeared straight on stage.)

    Intro: gelato seller in an Italian piazza at the crack of dawn then…  A priest calls on an inexperienced nutritionist to help the football team lose weight. Mafia forces plot against the reduction in sales of pizza. What magic vegetable will the nutritionist find to assist their weight reduction? Turnips? Turnip pizza? Um.. really guys? …

    Oops! PARDON!

    Mafia forces plot against our football heros.

    Football tv show. Are turnips the solution? 

    Dark night of the soul / musical impro and drawing build-up.

    Team spirit.

    Turnips, exercise and cunning save the day. . . THE END
    (Notes to self: How do you say turnip in Italian? It’s navet in French. Do Italians  even bother with turnips? Or even know what they are?.. maybe turnip pizza would be good. Gee, I’m starving…) 

  3. Lit Fest

    March 3, 2014 AprilinParis

    Every year I whip up a little image for my children’s school’s literary festival. This year is no different.

    I was inspired by all the odd socks I have been finding around the house.

    My son told me that the circular version reminds him of Heinz ketchup but added that this is a good thing because the kids will be interested and want to look.

  4. I’ve been enabled.

    February 28, 2014 AprilinParis

    2 works of mine were chosen for a group art show. Washington DC. March 8-April 19th.
    Off Rhode Gallery
    2204 Rhode Island Ave, NE
    Washington, DC 20018
    The show is to highlight mostly local artists while bringing awareness to the great work that Art Enables does for disabled people.

  5. Rehearsal. Today: Dance!

    January 31, 2014 AprilinParis

    Basic dance routines including the pony step, the Hustle, African and Salsa.

    Nothing like training to live action. By the time we were finished I think I was as exhausted as the dancers.

  6. Illustration Friday -Disguise

    January 28, 2014 AprilinParis


    wants to go to a pretty vineyard or something- but we probably won’t have a car so need to be somewhere that’s relatively easy to get around without.

  7. Drawing in front of a live audience for an improvised musical comedy

    January 27, 2014 AprilinParis

    Live drawing, music and acting collaboration at today’s rehearsal. No erasing, revising or regretting. So exhilarating.  I see more and more possibilities for play and entertaining the audience using animation, rhythmics and revealing things at key time points.